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Bad Time to Come up Short When Even Feds Are Broke

November 7th, 2022

This week the financial crisis brought more shocking news. General Motors,Guest Posting Ford, and Chrysler executives landed in Washigton on with their corporate jets seeking a share of the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.

In a shameless display of arrogance and entitlement, leaders of what used to be “best in class” companies begged for billions of dollars with their tin cups outstretched in front of the US Congress. Before the Big Three ever arrived in Washington, billions had already been committed to AIG and some of the largest financial institutions in the country.

During this financial meltdown we’re seeing something we never expected to see in our lives – broken promises from major corporations and government institutions on an unprecedented scale. The day has arrived when large companies and large states like Florida can’t raise the cash they need to meet their promises.

If you are a Florida home insurance consumer the financial crisis has put your biggest asset at risk – your Florida home.

Can you name a more sacred promise than the one a home insurance company makes to you when it takes your money and agrees to insure your home?

Hotels For Florida – Hotels for Florida Hotel Investors

March 30th, 2022

If you are willing to visit Florida, a beautiful state of US, you will find many hotels for stay in Florida. The state of Florida has everything for tourists and your tour to the state of beautiful beaches will be a special one. Florida is the highly preferred destination in United States and people all over world visit Florida.

Florida offers everything for tourists from long and beautiful world-class beaches, forests, museums, park, water and adventure sports and theaters. The state has been developing since last hundred and fifty years and a strong network of roads and railways join all the major cities of the state. The state has airport, which is networked with the adjoining states and capital of US.

The state is not only important for picnic point of view but it also provides a number of business opportunities and have some of the world class business houses. The trip for any business makes Florida a perfect destination. There are a number of new opportunities in and around the state of Florida and the hotels business is also a booming business in the state. The beauties of the long coastal line of Florida attract many hotel tycoons here.

The vast coastal line of the state has lot of beautiful and luxurious hotels for tourists. You will really find these very economical as well as some of the hotels provide excellent room service and best food for their customers. There you can find a single room, double room or a full suit that meets your requirement and that too at an optimum cost for stay in Florida.

Hotels in Florida are well equipped and generally all multi star hotels have swimming pools, gym and health center, theaters, conference halls, tennis courts, and library. The hotel rooms are well designed and well furnished with latest electrical accessories. Each room in the Florida hotels is equipped with cable TV and Internet connection. The hotel staff is generally very cordial and caring. There are some childcare centers in the city where you can drop your child in the morning and collect the child by the evening especially if you have a buy schedule for the day. The hotel staff provides services for the entire 24 hours and you not only get the staff services in hotel premises but you can seek the hotel staff services out side of the hotel also.